As the CDO or CAO of your organization, building the right team to process and analyze the vast amounts of data you collect will no doubt be high up on your agenda. Recruiting those with the right skills in data and analytics means your data and analytics projects will have more chance of success. can often be the difference between the success or failure of your projects.

Recruiting the right people can often be a lengthy process, and liaising with HR and hiring departments when seeking and appointing those with data and analytics skills often takes time. If you wait too long some of those who you’re interviewing may find and take up other roles, meaning you miss out on finding the best talent available for your data and analytics team.

However, before you look to recruit externally it makes sense to consider those from within your organization who might show great aptitude in a data and analytics role. We’ve put together a list of 6 must-have skills to look for which will help you identify hidden data and analytics talent internally:

A Deep Understanding of Statistics

Statistics are everything in data and analytics, so if you spot anyone already in your organization who has a good understanding of distributions, maximum likelihood indicators and who can deploy statistical tests they should be worth considering. In addition, if they can identify when different statistics are valid against ones that are not and can show a talent for this they could be a great asset to your data and analytics team.

Business and Entrepreneurial Flair

You might not think that business skills are relevant for someone working in data and analytics, but if you can spot those within your organization who also understand how the results from analyzing data can be turned into meaningful business decisions you will be more likely to create your dream data and analytics team by including them. If they have strong decision-making skills and can prove from analyzing data that certain business decisions need to be implemented to improve products, services or enhance your customers’ journey, they are more than halfway there to being successful in data and analytics.

Data Intuition

If you have a strong problem-solver who is data-driven within your organization chances are this person would be a great asset to any data and analytics team. Solving high-level problems and having a strong intuition for what things are important and what things should be dismissed in data and analytics projects is an excellent trait to have.

Outstanding Communication and Data Visualization Skills

Communicating the results obtained from analyzing data is very important, especially if your organization is making decisions based on the results from data analysis for the first time. This often means data and analytics professionals need to describe their findings accurately and find ways to get those findings across to their audiences in a non-technical way. Therefore, some familiarity with data visualization tools and the principles behind these is essential.

A Thorough Understanding of the Organization and How Data and Analytics Fits

Those within your organization who have a strong understanding of your organisation’s corporate values, culture, products and/or services will more likely be successful in a data and analytics role than someone who doesn’t fully grasp these things. Those who understand how data and analytics can contribute to and improve your organisation’s vision and goals will be more likely to fit into a data and analytics role.

Consider the Data and Analytics Roles You Need to Fill

When looking to build your data and analytics team from within your organization, you need a clear understanding of what roles you require from the outset. Some of the key roles you might need on your team may include a data analyst, an analytics expert, a domain expert and a data artist, which is often a role which is somewhat overlooked.


Building a data and analytics team from within your organization doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. If you can identify those who have the right skills and attributes, and consider the roles you need to fill, you may find you can attract already loyal and committed employees to your team. If they have all the skills covered here and show a passion and aptitude for data and analytics, you should be well on your way to building the perfect data and analytics team.

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